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2018 BWRS rules

Mission Hold a series of matches that track earned shooter points, outside of the club level of competition with-in each state. Our matches will be predominantly designed for the use of a bolt action precision rifle capable of dialing distances to 1000 yards.

Goal Attract shooters to attend more matches in neighboring states, thus driving up attendance at everyones events, while fostering shooter enjoyment, competitiveness, and the diversity of our available ranges.

Event Overview The 9 participating states will organize their events to avoid falling on the same week-end. Each state will host 2-3 SERIES matches, for a total of 20+ spread out over a 6 month period, followed by a Finale match.

The 3 best scores will be used for the shooters season standing score. Those 3 scores can come from any of the ranges they wish to shoot, (example a IA shooter can shoot 2 matches in Iowa and one in Illinois for his 3 scores)( or a shooter can shoot all matches and take his best scores from any range.)

BWRS Membership / Series Registration Registration for the Point Series and Finale Match will open 11-13-2017. In order to compete in the Point Series and Finale Match, you must be a BWRS member. Registration for matches will open first to BWRS members. Remaining spots in a match will then be opened to non-members.

Shooters may join BWRS later in the season, however, will only accumulate points for matches they shot as BWRS members.

BWRS membership is $50 a year, and includes a t-shirt..

Match requirements Each series event will be a minimum 80 fired rounds and 8 stages, Scoring will be standardized so the majority of the match is 1 pt per 1 hit, with the exception of a TYL/KYL stage. No single impact will be worth more than 3x the value of a normal impact.

The Finale match will be a minimum of one day 10 stages and 100 rounds. This match will be held on a new range separate from the regular series ranges and will be centrally located to all the current ranges.

Match Registration Early registration will be required for series matches and will be processed as each of the MDs dictate for their match. This Registration will give first preference to PAID series members, before general shooter entries. All series members will get first opportunity to register for the available slots. Match registration will be online at

Registration for series matches will be set by each individual match director.

Point Race Series match placement will derive series points earned. 100 series points (1st place) to 50 series points (last Place). So for any given regular Series match, everyone who attends will have between 50-100 points.

Simply we will take 50 divided by the number of match attendees to come up with the placement gap number. Example 50 divided by 32 shooters = 1.562. First place earns 100 series points, second place earns 98.438, ect. This will be a fair way to apply scores if one match has a full 70 shooters and another has 28 shooters.

Series Matches will award trophies signifying 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Promotional sponsorship donations will be awarded to match competitors both based on their finish as well as random draw providing an opportunity for competitors of all skill levels.

Finale Match The top 60 shooters by points who are registered to the Series will be invited to the Finale. Entry to the Finale match will be $100. To create an end of season Series Champion, your Season series scores will be added to your Finale score. Unlike the regular series matches the Finale score will be weighted slightly heavier. The Finale match score will grade points to participants with the same placement based outcome, but the calculation will be done utilizing; 100 points for 1st place and 0 points for last place. These will effectively multiply the value of your earned points relative to the regular series matches, creating an opportunity for more movement of the Season Series ranks, when all the top shooters compete head to head.

Top 5 trophies will be given out for Finale match placement and top 5 for series finishers’ placement. The promotional table will be walked in order of match finish.


All Ranges will be cold ranges, meaning no firearms may be loaded or have a magazine inserted at any time other than when the shooter is under the command of an RO and about to start a stage.

All rifles will be carried, handled, and grounded with the bolts open and pulled to the rear. MDs may require the use of chamber safety flags, if so all competitors will abide by the policy.

Negligent or accidental discharges will result in an immediate stoppage of the stage and disqualification of the match. Shooters will be warned if they “sky load” and may be disqualified for multiple violations.

Any competitor who repeatedly fails to keep fired projectiles on the impact berms of the targets engaged will be disqualified from the event.

All competitors will respect and honor the final decisions of the Match Director and his staff. If a staff members conduct or decisions are called into question, the MD will be called in to investigate and make the final call.

All competitors will respect the range property and abide by all range rules.

All competitors will respect each other and their gear; do not touch anyone’s gear or rifles with-out explicit permission.

Coaching while a shooter is actively shooting a stage is prohibited, ROs or shooters acting as ROs /spotters are forbidden from giving any corrections.

ROs should only use the word “IMPACT” to signify a hit.

Match Directors have final word on any disputes arising at a match.

Rain/weather delays, if the forecast is threatening severe weather a Match Director may cancel the match no later than 24 hours from the start time. A re-schedule date may be set at the same time, up to and including the following day (Sunday). Refunds will be given to those who cannot attend the reschedule date, with an effort to allow other shooters to enter if available spots open.

Equipment Bolt action or semi-auto rifles firing 30 caliber or smaller projectiles under 3200 fps will be allowed. NO MAGNUMS OF ANY KIND. If you choose to shoot .223 caliber projectiles and your hits are not called because of low impact energy, you have no valid complaint.

Supporting gear is allowed, packs, bags, bi-pods, shooting sticks, and slings can all be used as shooting aids.

Tripods are for spotting scopes and cameras and will not be allowed as a shooting aid. The Match Director does have the ability to limit supporting equipment for individual stages, and it must clearly be spelled out in the Corse of Fire description if that is the intent.

Top Shooter The Top Border War Series Shooter for the season, by yearly rank, will gain entry into the National Rifle League Finale Match in Las Vegas NV. If that shooter is already qualified for the NRL Finale, the next shooter in line will gain entry.

Refund Policy / Transfer of Registration Due to extremely high demand for spots in scheduled BWRS matches, there will be no refunds granted for shooters once they have registered for a match. However, match registrations can be sold or transferred to OTHER BWRS MEMBERS AT FACE VALUE. If no BWRS members want to buy the spot, or if the spot hasn’t been sold to anyone in the day or two before the match, the spot may be sold to a non-member. The best place to post information about a match spot you can no longer use and would like to transfer / sell is the Border War Section on the Precision Rifle Forums page. After you transfer your membership, you MUST email us at and inform us of who you transferred your registration to.